Kirtlington Park


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Polo     Club

Est. 1926      

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***Lunches start Sunday 6th May 2018 Every Sunday till September 2018***

*** The Polo Club House, Gate 2, Akeman Street, Kirtlington***


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May Challenge

Spring Cup

Fewster Cup

Mackenzie Hill

James Budgett Trophy

Continental Cup

Management Cup

Ragley Cup

Kirtlington Cup

Sonara Classic

Meyrick Cup

Winwick Trophy

Barlow Cup

Blenheim Trophy

Secretary's Cup

OMI Garner

Seeneys Shield

Rousham Trophy

Brook House Trophy

Black Sheep Cup

Hunter Jones

Tylor League

Tylor League Amateur

Dent Cup

Dashwood Trophy

Stephen Towler Cup

Rupert Thorneloe Cup

Summer Cup

Gibbs Cup

Midsummer Cup

Budgett everett VL

The Gladiator

Blind Date Ladies 3/4

August Cup

Lousada trophy

Thorneloe Ladies

Kirtlington Fisheries

Groundsmans Trophy

Winner: La Rosada/Deutsche Bank 8

Winner: Farrar & Co. 6.5

Winner: La Golondrina 5

Winner: La Rosada 7

Winner: Farrar & Co. 6.5

Winner: Versa Polo 7

Winner: TBC

Winner: Farrar & Co. 5.5

Winner: Mojitos 8

Winner: oxford Polo 6.5

Winner: Limitless 7

Winner: La Rosada 5

Winner: Quicksilver

Winner: Magenta Capital

Winner: The Browns 7

Winner: CBAS

Winner: CBAS

Winner: Farrar & Co.

Winner: Limitless 7

Winner: Farrar & Co. 11

Winner: La Rosada 8

Winner: Magenta Capital 4

Winner: Phil's Hill 6

Winner:  Quicksilver

Winner: Oodle 9

Winner: KPPC

Winner: KPPC 10

Winner: La Rosada 5

Winner: CBAS 6.5

Winner: Farrar & Co. 5.5

Winner: Snakebite 8

Winner: Senzaltro 8

Winner: Oxford Polo

Winner: Kylin 5

Winner: La Rosada 4

Winner: QB Pazuki 4

Winner: Thomson Local 4

Winner: KPPC

Runner up: CSC Polo 3

Runner up: Las Panteras 4

Runner up: La Rosada 4

Runner up: Las Panteras 5

Runner up: La Rosada 5

Runner up: C.A.N.I. 5

Runner up: TBC

Runner up: Don Carlos 3

Runner up: CBAS 6

Runner up: CSC Polo 6

Runner up: Coppid Owls 5.5

Runner up: Kencott Cavaliers 3

Runner up: CBAS

Runner up: Las Panteras

Runner up: Limitless 5

Runner up: Eclipse

Runner up: La Rosada

Runner up: CSC Polo

Runner up: La Golondrina 6

Runner up: LA Rosada 5

Runner up: Genius Sports 5

Runner up: Las Panteras 3.5

Runner up: CSC Black 1.5

Runner up: CBAS

Runner up: Los Cazdores 1

Runner up: SUPA

Runner up: The Army Hackett Team 5.5

Runner up: La Golondrina 2.5

Runner up: Thomson Local 6

Runner up: CSC Black 5

Runner up: Strategic 6

Runner up: Oodle 4

Runner up:

Runner up: Arlington 4

Runner up: Farrar & Co. 3

Runner up: Guns n Roses 2

Runner Up: La Rosada 3

Runner Up: Farrar & Co.